Clifford Fajardo

Software Engineer

I'm a Software Engineer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, I work at small startup company, where I work on the web platform building experiences for the web and mobile app. Prior to this, I founded a company, Rawpido, based on a Mac/Windows application focused on developer tooling and productivity. Before taking the plunge to work on my own company, I had worked at LinkedIn.com and Salesforce.com as a software engineer.

Professional Interests

I enjoy programming and feel lucky to be work in such a creative field. I particularly love developing web applications (frontend or backend) because of how ubiquitous and accessible they are across different geographies and socioeconomics backgrounds

If you can share the URL and have any web browser you can share any creation

Fun Facts:

  • I am a twin brother 👥
  • My family is from Nicaragua in Latin America 🇳🇮
  • I love of Bronco Billies Pizza 🍕
  • Book Co-Author of Your First Year in Code